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Scenarios Following a Rate Hike

Leaving the zero-bound makes for lots of questions
Posted by John McClelland on November 23, 2015 in No Category
With the December Federal Open Market Committee meeting drawing near, it is useful to revisit some of the themes that may play out and offer a little background on the Fed policy rate, mortgage rates, housing price and commercial property value sensitivity to shifting rates. Bloomberg notes that Federal Reserve (The Fed) policy makers inserted language in the October statement that indicated that it might be time to raise the benchmark lending rate in December, reiterating that these increases would be gradual. No... read more
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The Fed's September Meeting

Will the rate change happen?
Posted by John McClelland on September 14, 2015 in No Category
Wednesday and Thursday of this week is when the Federal Reserve holds an important meeting. The short-term rates (Federal Funds) has been between 0% and .25% for the past seven years, which tells you how weak the Fed has thought that the economy has been. With a lot of improved economic data, many Fed watchers have suggested that the Fed is likely to bump the Federal Funds rate by .25%. The economic turbulence emanating from China, along with consistently horrible Eurozone data, has some believing that the global e... read more
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